Brandon Jacobe Johnson

October 13, 1992 – January 29, 2021


Brandon was born October 13th, 1992 in Minot, North Dakota; his birth sparked a 28-year journey full of many twists, turns, peaks, and dips with a never-ending supply of love to support his journey.

Our son was a BRILLIANT soul! He was a FEARLESS, FREE-SPIRITED ADVENTURER with a cause of his own design.

The daredevil in Brandon surfaced at an early age when he looked at status quo society and said “I understand what you want me to be, but I’m going to show you who I actually am.” At which time he forged ahead into life as a BOLD MAVERICK.

A FEARLESS man, Brandon believed on the other side of fear lies freedom, and if you want to grow you need to be brave and take risks. He also believed if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing. One can say Brandon possessed a restless soul, uncomfortable living an everyday humdrum existence so he set out taking risks like hiking through California’s Redwood Forest and camping out within the trunk of a giant redwood then hiking throughout Tennessee for a month-long Campers Gathering.

Our son was a FREE SPIRIT who loved to explore the unconventional roads life offered. He would say, “You just think I’m a person throwing his life away… but what if you wake up to discover that you all are actually the ones throwing your lives away by continuously working and accumulating?” He had the courage to test life’s boundaries and limits, to try things that other people may have thought impossible, impractical, or unimportant. Like when he moved to Vermont to become a lumberjack or performed with a traveling band, all while train hopping, walking, and hitchhiking across the country spanning from Georgia to Washington State. We’d often be awestruck by some of his stories, visualizing them all as a movie or a perfect Netflix series to binge.

Brandon was an avid reader and always had at least two books in his possession that he’d be reading simultaneously. He believed that when you’re with books you’re never alone. Even as a child, he would always carry a book instead of a toy. His first favorite book at the time was Dr. Seuss’s Foot Book which he could read independently by the age of four. As he grew older his creativity began to be expressed in his writings of poetry and short stories, which he often credited his older brother with awakening that gift.

However unconventional his life choices, Brandon was the man we raised him to be; adventurous, curious, caring, brave, self-sufficient, and a brilliant child of The Most High. We thank the Lord for blessing us with Brandon Jacobe Johnson for 28 years and allowing us to love him and see him bloom into a Beautiful young man inside and out. Brandon believed a book is a gift you can open again and again.